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4OUR chain A

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Differential EDM:
Models Number of gaps:7 Gap lengths: 20, 14, 12, 10, 8, 7, 5
Model Entanglement Average DOPE-HR (by gap length) Smaller
DOPE-HR 1st gap2nd gap3rd gapgaps
Model 1 Non-trivial -57040

Model 2 Non-trivial -56490

Model 3 Non-trivial -55844

Model 4 Non-trivial -56446

Model 5 Non-trivial -54600

Warning: All models are renumbered - the first residue in the structure has index 1.
Mix & match
None of the models is perfect? By clicking the button below you can download a .pdb file with the currently shown mix of models - for each gap at most one model can be selected. If none of them is checked, the gap will be left as is. Fourth and further gaps (sorted by size) can only come from one of the models.
Model Type Knot core Slipknot Lasso Piercing Show
range loop range loop position in JSmol
Model 1 Knot K 41 14-326 -- -- --
Model 2 Knot K 41 14-326 -- -- --
Model 3 Knot K 41 14-326 -- -- --
Model 4 Knot K 41 14-326 -- -- --
Model 5 Knot K 41 14-326 -- -- --
Topologies marked by an OK sign () are in accordance with the template topology.
Warning: Entanglement type is assigned automatically - for more complicated topologies there may be some disagreements with manually curated databases.
Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Model 4
Model 5
DOPE (Discrete Optimized Protein Energy) score per residue. The lower the score, the better.
Since DOPE is calculated against the neighbours of a given amino acid, the scores
can vary between unmoved segments of different models. See here for more information.
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